Updated 2/4/08 The much anticipated photos of Brutus after the half roll on 12/27/07 are posted here. Basically, I was headed up to a friends house up Stove Prairie road outside Masonville Colorado and I hit a patch of ice in 4hi where the road went down and to the right and a driveway went up and to the left. The ice left me with zero control and I basically split the difference and put Brutus on it's top. I had a friend of mine in the passenger seat and his quad (bought it mere hours earlier) was strapped into the bed. The quad was actually unharmed in the whole ordeal. I estimate that I was going about 30 when I lost control. The roll went to the passenger side and then up on to the top. I am really happy with the ability of the B-pillars to support the entire weight of the truck without even breaking the rear window. Here are the pics:
7/9/06 - Met up with a friend at Wellington Lake #4 to do some mudding. I was having a hell of a time getting going while I was in the mud. I figured it was because my all-terrain tires were caked in mud and just spinning... in combination with the slight incline of the muddy beach. WRONG! Turns out that my somehow my rear axle had shifted sideways maybe 1/2" or so. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but in this particular case, I have what I will call hollow spring perches and hollow lift blocks. So the stability of the rear end depends on the edges of each hollow surface lining up perfectly with each other to transmit suspension forces. When the axle moved that 1/2" sideways, the vertical faces of the hollow pieces no longer lined up perfectly and now they were allowed to rotate against each other changing the pinion angle as they did so.
7/13/06 - Since this happened around a week before I was headed to Ouray... I had to scramble to find a viable solution to the problem as well as get new u-bolts ordered and installed because the old ones had most likely stretched with all the extra axle play that was going on. I deduced that the primary problem was the both the perch and the block were HOLLOW! I had my fabricators at work make me up some plates out of 10ga SST that would incorporate the u-bolts, the spring alignment pin and give me a surface that the perch and the block could be welded to to prevent the side-shift motion of the axle relative to the block. Here are the pics of the final Ouray-ready solution: