BRUTUS' Lift Page
Because I have gone through everything in the engine compartment (except the engine itself) including ignition system, cooling system, exhaust system, starter, and intake system I figured that the next logical step is to lift "Brutus" even more than he currently sits (four inch Superlift in the front and four inch blocks out back).

The gameplan goes like this:

  • The front end will be a spring-over conversion to a Dana 60 Pro Rock with 4:10 4.56 gears, 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, disk brakes, Warn hubs, ARB air locker, crossover steering, 1410 input yoke, 35 spline throughout
  • The rear end will be an eight inch Superlift 2" custom spring conversion with the spring hangers relocated under the frame rather than post-mounted. With a GM Corporate 14 15 bolt, 4:10 4.56 gears, 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, drum disk brakes, full floater.
  • The steering stabilizer will need to be upgraded to a dual opposing shock setup. Hydraulic Assist Steering
  • The driveshafts will be upgraded to a 1410 yokes all around.
  • I will run Interco 16 x 38.5 x 16.5 LT Super Swamper TSL bias ply tires on Rock Crusher 16.5 x 9.75 black powdercoated rims.
All told I should end up with around five to six net (nine to ten gross) inches of suspension lift combined with 2.25 net inches of tire lift.

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2/28/05 - Fort Collins 4X4 needed some specs on my current axle and how it currently sits so they could fill out the spec sheet for Dynatrak. Here is a JPG of what I gave them and here is the DWG file.

3/7/05 - Mock up of rear end to determine how much the spring perches need to be moved to correct the pinion angle.
Tire comparison between my 33" spare and new TSL Super Swamper
Isometric view of the new rear end with springs and TSL's
Reverse Isometric view of the new rear end
View of the rim with chrome lugs (before the axle is painted black)

2/3/06 - Pictures of Dana 60 Pro-Rock crate removal (taken 4/29/05)
Dana 60 in crate
After cutting the end off of the crate with a sawzall I was able to get the tire mounted    2    3    4
Right side after sawzall treatment    The outer assembly.
warn Hub, 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, 14 inch disk brake... huge.    The other side with rim/tire
I had to break the crate from around the axle to free it    Stubborn crate!
"Dry land is not a myth!" Released from captivity at last!

2/3/06 - Rear disk brake caliper brackets/spacers/hardware showed up today and I was so excited I had to get it mounted up.
Rear disk brake caliper mounted    Inboard side view
freshly turned disks ready for bearings & seals

8/10/06 - 1" trim of the 14FF rear axle and painting the hubs black to match the rims
Top side of hub painted
Back side of hub painted
The trim after shot
The rear view of the trim
The side view of the trim

8/13/06 - Assembly of hubs, installation of brake calipers, mockup!!! Things I learned: just because two spring plates come off the same axle... their hole patterns don't have to be the same. DOH!
Sideview of mockup
Rear-side view of mockup
Black on black on black on black... with chrome lugs!!!
Back view of mockup
Drivers side of mockup
Front passenger side mockup
Front view of mockup
Rear passenger corner mockup
Rear driver corner mockup

8/16/06 - Machined spring plate, ground diff cover to match shave
Shows machined spring plate with 14bolt u-bolt on top... look at how far off the original holes were.
Shows both spring plates next to one another
Back underside view of grind job
Rear view of trim
Front view of trim

8/23/06 - After a thourough cleaning of the axle I was able to rattlecan it black... until I ran out of black paint. I also was able to drill two additional holes to strengthen the cover where I trimmed the bottom off.
Rear view, I will have to paint the (2) 1/4-20 bolt heads black too so they don't glare!
Under-Rear view, no glare in this one

9/16/06 - I got my axle breather bladders and spring hangers in today. Looks like the lift will be starting this week sometime. The breathers that I got were actually considerably smaller than I thought they were so I had to get some 1/2"OD, 3/8"ID vinyl tubing to install the breathers. I outifitted front and rear axles with SST braided flex lines last week but didn't take any pictures. You can see the flex lines in the 14bolt pictures.
Breather on the Dana 60
Front view of diff housing with breather in background
Breather on the 14bolt
Breather next to spray paint can for perspective
1/4" CNC plate spring hangers from Sky Manufacturing

10/3/06 - Took these pictures last week with the front end mocked under the Jeep. All these pictures were taken with the front springs laying on the ground because the jack stands at full extension will not even allow the springs to rest on the top of the axle. All told, the truck will sit around 3" higher than the pictures show here.
Front passenger corner
More of a side view
Frontal view
From the drivers door

10/10/06 - Took these pictures today... OMG is it tall!!! 5'4" tall to the top of the hood. 30" to the front spring eye!
Frontal view
Front Passenger Corner
Passenger side
Drivers side

10/19/06 - Sam took these pictures for me because my camera disk battery died on me. The front hanger is a bit dicey in where it gets located since I had them flip the springs around so the long side is forward. So the hanger falls on either the end of the angled face of the frame or the end of the horizontal face of the frame... either way it is cantilevered very bad! So I had my fabricators at work make a couple of 3/16 pieces of steel to distribute the load through the vertical web of the frame through the plate. These pictures were taken before another piece of 3/16" will be used to cap the forward end of the hanger to tie the other cantilever back into the frame.
Rear hanger from the front... where the 3/16 cap will cover.
Rear hanger from the rear

10/21/06 - Truck is supporting its own weight on swampers now... enough said... on to the pictures:
Front Quarter, Drivers Side
Front Quarter, Passenger Side
Full Frontal Nudity!
Full Rear Nudity!
Front Closeup
Front Driver Closup

11/12/06 - Took the truck to work to flex it out with the forklift today.
Pictures with the front drivers side tire lifted
Passenger side view
Front passenger corner view
Frontal view
Front drivers corner view
Rear drivers corner view
Rear view
Rear passenger corner view
Pictures with the rear drivers side tire lifted
Front passenger corner view
Front view
Front driver corner view
Rear view
Rear passenger corner
Passenger Side
Passenger side front closeup
Front passenger suspension closeup
Front driver suspension closeup
Rear driver tire clearance
Rear driver tire closeup underside
Rear driver suspension closeup
Here are the dimensions I took for shocks, driveline, brakeline, and clearance issues.