Other Pictures 11/20/02 - I call this picture the "$3000 TV in the back of the $1500 truck" picture.

8/2/04 - I went on a camping trip above Big Creek on the Wyoming/Colorado border with some friends. This was my first LONG drive with Brutus and pleasantly found out that my ignition and cooling changes did the trick. Well according to the park ranger that came by... I parked Brutus in an "environmentally sensistive" area in between the campsite and the road. I try to adhere to the tread lightly policies... but cummon... sparse weeds on a road embankment?
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6/14/06 - Trying to design an image for a T-shirt for Full Size Jeeps that goes like this:
Eugene "Jeep Jeep" from Popeye Comic Strips


Top Truck Challenge 2006


Rat Rod Style Drawing